CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”

Download the printable CSA Application

  AS of March 25, all of our 2014 shares are sold out.  Even if you are not a share holder, please feel free to come and purchase our products from April through Oct.

How does a CSA work?

Consumers form a partnership with the farmer for their mutual benefit. Consumers become shareholders by buying a “share” of the harvest. Shareholders come to the farm each week to pick up freshly picked, naturally grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers, estimated to feed two adults and one or two children.

The Farm receives upfront funds for supplies, has a secure contracted market, and can therefore concentrate on farming, and providing shareholders with abundant, high-quality crops.

Communities benefit by having land kept in sustainable agriculture, by strengthening the local economy, and by learning about natural gardening practices.

When you join a CSA, you strengthen the local economy by keeping your food dollars close to home. You only pay for the farmer’s salary, seeds, and equipment. You do not pay a middleman to package, advertise, transport, and add preservatives to your food. You also reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the carbon emissions involved in importing vegetables from out of town, out of state, or out of the country.

A CSA is a partnership in which the farmer and the consumer share the risk of agriculture and the bounty of a good harvest. We reduce the risk of crop failure by diversifying the vegetables we grow and by using all natural, sustainable growing methods that increase soil fertility and keep plants healthy.

CSAs are good for the consumer, good for the environment, and good for the community!

Benefits of being a Mainstone Farm CSA Shareholder:

Our CSA offers share holders flexibility in numerous ways.

  1. We offer 2 share sizes $300 and $400.
  2. We do not have set pickup days and times. With our CSA money a share holder may shop once a week or everyday.
  3. You get what you want. No surprises when you get home and find out there are tons of a particular vegetable your family does not eat. You buy what you want, in quantities that you need.
  4. Variety, We offer a large variety of products that we raise here in Wayland. Your CSA share can be used to purchase our  vegetables, honey, and maple syrup. (We do not accept CSA dollars for  poultry, beef, or pork. )
  5. Shareholders will receive a 5% discount Thanksgiving turkeys and when a member has spent all of his/her share a 5% discount will then be given on vegetables.
  6. CSA shares may be split, please include both names and emails on the application.
  7. CSA dollars expire Sept 30, 2014

Download the printable CSA Application

Upon receipt of your application and check, you will receive an email confirmation that you have received a share.  In the spring you will be notified of the days and times to pick up your Mainstone money.

Mainstone Money expires on Sept 30, 2014

For more information and availability, please contact Pauline or Tim at 508-358-4740.

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